Everything Aging in Place Fall Update

Putting the HOME in home care.

Our goal NOW is to Spread the Word

So much is happening.

I don’t have to tell you the legislative season has been a roller coaster. Or that some really good ideas about caregiving and care in the home received more attention than ever before. Or that some of the best ideas and hopes will be cut from the packages. For NOW.

But next year will be better. HomesRenewed’s good ideas have gotten traction with both Republicans and Democrats this year. Congressional offices said, “Great idea! No bandwidth this session.” We are the only advocacy group focused on the home itself as the foundation of caregiving, care in the home, telehealth, telemedicine, house sharing and more. We knew it was a marathon when we started. The HomesRenewed Coalition is well positioned to hit the ground running in 2022.

What else is happening?

  • We provided commentary to the Senate Special Committee on Aging for their upcoming report on financial literacy explaining why use of retirement savings for home updates is a wise financial move.
  • We have an excellent response rate to our “Fall Survey on Aging in Place.” We are awaiting more responses before we report the full results. Preliminary results: (a) our policy initiative to allow use of retirement savings for incentives to update houses is a great idea, and (b) our path advocating and educating policymakers is the coalition’s highest priority. We received lots of encouragement, new members and solid validation. Take the survey here.
  • We are preparing a ‘sign-on letter’ for Senate and Congressional offices to show support for our policy initiative. We will ask you, your organization or business to the letter and forward it to your colleagues. This is an important part of our strategy for the aforementioned marathon. The more signers the greater our clout. Look for for details in December.

Please, renew, Join and encourage others to The Homes Renewed Coalition.

Thanks, Louis Tenenbaum

Founder and President, The HomesRenewed Coalition

louis@louistenenbaum.com (301) 343-3229 mobile

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