There are many stakeholders to the future of housing.

The bulk of long term care will occur in single family, owner occupied homes…but the homes are unprepared.*

That means almost everyone has a story to tell about finding a place for themselves, a parent, or other loved ones. All have an interest in seeing housing and care improve. Collaboration across stakeholders makes HomesRenewed special. Whether you are young or old, a consumer, technology or building product manufacturer, installer, home or community service provider, long term care or healthcare provider or payer, or work in government, there are good reasons to support home updates. HomesRenewed bridges these silos to create new partnerships and networks and build results.

*The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, Housing America’s Older Adults, 2014



Voters want our leaders to do more to house and care for older citizens better. This is recognized and embraced social responsibility of a successful and caring nation and culture.

Americans want to lead joyful, healthy and economical lives, empowered for self reliance, in the home of their choice with control and dignity throughout the modern lifespan.


Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and installers of building, medical equipment and technology products recognize that increased sales mean more jobs and increased profits.

Everyone wins.


Providers of services to older residents in the community have more clients who remain clients longer.

More clients triggers the network effect creating opportunities to innovate. Economies and efficiencies are passed back to clients in reduced costs at the same time profits are increased. Innovation, economies and efficiencies applied to additional population segments means private and government resources go further.


Long Term Care insurers, health providers and insurers have healthier clients who pay premiums longer while costing less.

Everyone wins – consumers, payers and providers – when chronic disease is controlled and morbidity is compressed.