Who We Are

HomesRenewed  is a coalition of business, consumer and nonprofit stakeholders driving policy and investment to increase the number of age-friendly homes, supporting Aging in Place.

The Problem:

  • A crisis faces America’s aging middle class.
  • More than 80% of adults want to Age in Place but have difficulty doing so. Their homes are not prepared.
  • Most of them – 70% of the over 50 population or 70 million people —have too much money for government or nonprofit programming but not enough money for 24 x 7 care.
  • New health policies require more healthcare to be delivered in communities.


  • Older citizens live healthier lives at home with control choice and dignity.
  • Accelerates the sales of aging-in-place technologies and building products.
    • Stimulates business growth and job training in the manufacture, distribution and installation of the products.
    • Utilizes existing sales and delivery channels
  • Aging in Place saves healthcare dollars because:
    • Fewer injuries occur in prepared age-friendly homes;
    • People can return home sooner and more safely from the hospital or rehab;
    • People recover better at home; and
    • Family, personal and paid caregivers are injured less frequently.
  • Financing updates with pretax retirement savings reduces costs because it:
    • Requires no government; and
    • Leverages micro public private partnerships.
  • Creates networks among previously unconnected stakeholders, amplifying their voices and combining resources (lobbying, public relations and research)

Our approach:

  • Enact tax and/or policy incentives to encourage people to invest their own money in age friendly installations.
  • Remove barriers to allow savers access to $17 trillion in pre-tax savings like IRA’s, 4012K’s/403b’s and health savings accounts for qualifying expenditures.
  • Using existing savings means no direct government expenditures other than future forgone taxes.
  • Organize citizens to educate legislators and regulators to build aging-in place friendly community policies.