Our Vision

Our Vision


“70 million Americans do not qualify for government or not for profit programs but can’t afford expensive retirement communities or 24 x 7 care.”*

“Really good options are limited, particularly for the middle class.”

Policy is commonly used to leverage private investment to achieve societal goals. But, in today’s political climate increased spending for Medicare and Medicaid will not get through congress. That’s why HomesRenewed looks to incentives that leverage private investment and stimulate consumer markets.

We seek sponsors for our research to gather evidence for our approach. In particular we want to investigate:

1. Aging in Place 3.0: Affordable Aging, The Business Case, explores the economic benefits of home updates on the larger economy.
2. Aging in Place 2.5 explores the health and wellness benefits of aging in community.
3. Identify, evaluate, and monitor state and local initiatives including accessory dwelling units (ADU’s), home sharing and home update incentives.
4. Prepare a toolkit to actively support local, state and grass roots advocacy from the best practices that are identified.

Housing is just one element of our physical and programmatic infrastructure that needs updating. Because housing is so basic, improved housing can be a significant catalyst to grow and scale more efficient community services and result in significant healthcare savings.

What makes HomesRenewed different? We focus on single family homes and consumers who have their own resources to invest but need incentives to take action.

HomesRenewed is leading the research for smart, cost-effective policy that reduces the cost of updating homes, helping our existing housing meet the needs of a modern lifespan and helping more older Americans age in the home of their choice safely and economically with dignity.

*Forbes’ article, Aging in Place Needs Out of the Box Thinking, January 2017

**New York Times article, A Housing Crisis for Seniors, January 2017



Our Strategic Agenda Agenda
In the last Congress we strongly supported Support HR 1780, the Senior Accessible Housing Act.

For the NEW Congress we will unite varied stakeholders to:
1. Identify key members to introduce a new and improved bill with additional sponsors
2. Continue our work with Senator Angus King’s (I-Me) office on a companion bill for the Senate.
3. Foster local campaigns as proof of constituent interest and demonstrations.
(a) Produce and distribute local campaign ‘toolboxes’.
(b) Provide campaign guidance and staffing
4. Develop easy to follow criteria for qualifying purchases.
5. Develop easily managed mechanisms for certifying qualified purchases.


Our Research Agenda
This is a marathon, NOT a sprint. Elements required to meet our goals will be developed as we carry on the campaign for incentives, preparing to streamline adoption.
1. Aging in Place 3.0: Affordable Aging, The Business Case will explore the economic benefits of home updates on the larger economy.
2. A few local and state programs provide incentives to upgrade homes and establish Accessory Dwelling Units. (ADUs). More are in the works. What drives their adoption? How are they working?
3. What easier qualification and certification programs can experts design to make HomesRenewed successful?


It’s about the Message
AARP and others have informed and cajoled about home updates for years. The message to preserve independence, avoid frailty and reduce the burden on your family has not been heard.
Research by the Frameworks Institute explains why this approach does not result in action and provides tools for a better message.


It’s about saving government money
Government spending is mired in rules, regulations and pre-longevity programs- Social security, Medicare and Medicaid. This results in too many older Americans spending too long in the most expensive (and least desirable) option — the nursing home.
HomesRenewed-spurred updates will foster service delivery innovations and savings that benefit the future of aging and care for all.