Aging in Place and covid-19

“Flatten the Curve” may well become the phrase of the year. Taking steps to increase personal safety to avoid the need for acute care that can overwhelm hospitals and the healthcare system. That could be the definition of aging-in-place. Few us had that concept to describe it before.

But now, with the total upending of the notion that congregate ‘senior’ housing is the safe place to live, Aging-in-Place takes on a new sheen.

But is your own home a safe place? Are we just trading the newly recognized fear of contagion for the risk of falls and over reliance on family? Changing health and mobility, the factors that make older populations more vulnerable to the novel coronavirus also mean our homes can be dangerous. The pandemic has not changed the fact that the design of our homes predates longer lives. We don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire.

Updated homes avoid injury, reduce falls and soften the burden on family or paid caregivers as well as being the preference of more than 80% of older Americans. An updated home is the foundation for safety, comfort and dignity as well as care when you need it. Studies show updated homes cut caregiver needs in half!

One silver lining of this awful situation is that we see that people can change their behavior in the interest of the community and themselves. We need to harness that power as we move forward.

An April 24, 2020 Washington Post article said “After covid-19, aging in America may never be the same.”

That is probably true. Lets make sure it is better. Join the movement to update American homes.

Please stay well,  Louis

HomesRenewed Coalition

P.S. Recent pandemic emergency funding show new patterns for government assistance. HomesRenewed’s role is to seize these opportunities. We are on it! Your support is needed. Join, call, comment. We need it all! NOW! THANKS

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  1. Good info and thoughtful look at senior facilities and how to think there management in the future.

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