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  1. As a gerontologist, I fully support finding ways to help seniors age in place in their own homes. Bill H.R. 1780 is a step in the right direction.

  2. I am a provider of home modifications and products. Everyday, I see examples of families who could be assisted by this bill. So many are handcuffed by the need of products and services which either are not covered by insurance, and or they cannot afford. This would help the largest portion of our spectrum in need.

  3. I am an Occupational Therapist of 35 years working in acute care and rehabilitation and now within people’s homes. I have seen many hospitalizations and the costs that accrue as a result of accidents that occur with in the home. I believe that bill H.R. 1780 can be a great boost in helping people take steps toward staying safe and continuing to live in the home that they love.

  4. It’s time! Create incentives to transform homes so seniors can age in place is a win for seniors and their families. It’s an even greater win for insurance companies. You’ll do good for individuals and businesses; and you’ll look good at the same time.

  5. Providing tax incentives that equip homes with needed improvements to allow people to age in place as their longevity increases is an excellent mechanism to reduce medical and insurance expenses while improving he quality of life.

  6. As a gerontologist, and now an older homeowner faced with rising costs due to gentrification, there are many barriers to maintaining my home, along with those of others who want to age in place. We need a strong policy to address all of the housing needs of aging older Americans, and this is one step in moving that policy development forward. Age and ability friendly housing, we must remember, however, benefits everyone!

  7. As an interior designer who specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling for clients who desire to stay in their homes as they age, passage of this Bill is essential to assist with the financial realities that my clients encounter. Please pass this initiative with all deliberative speed. Thank you!

  8. I created the mobile app Silver Spaces for the specific purpose of providing people with a report detailing the changes they could make to their home to safely remain in it as they age. But so many are frustrated that some of the modifications needed are out of their financial reach. We already have the housing stock. We just need the financial incentive to bridge the gap to successful home modifications that will allow people to remain in them as long as they can, but as safely as they can.

  9. I am an architect and urban planner, with a firm based in Washington, D.C. My firm also provides construction related services, as well as services supporting improving the quality of health through the use of architectural and interior design features.

    Additionally, I know that home ownership is one of our most significant personal investments, therefore, securing new federal support for improving and enhancing the quality of our homes, can contribute to improved health, reduce healthcare cost and contributes to the enhancement of our lives, community and fabric of our nation. I support Bill H.R. 1780

    Edward M. Johnson, AIA

  10. As an architectural historian, I have seen, first hand, older homes where mostly low-income people live, become accessible, green, and architectural integrity stayed intact. So, with a little more creativity from design professionals it is very possible.

  11. I am a nurse and have been in the home care field for four decades. As a co-founder of a company committed to helping people remain in their home for as long as they are able by making appropriate modifications to their home. This Bill will provide the means for those with limited financial resources to access their dollars to adapt their home so they can attain this goal. I believe as many others in the health care field do that this would be a great move in the right direction for the many who can benefit.

  12. The biggest issue on Cape Cod is the lack of affordable housing. At a recent Housing Forum sponsored by our Age Friendly Yarmouth community team, the break-out room where the topic was Home Rehab and Accessory Housing was overflowing with people eager to create private spaces for additional occupants while also developing accessibility in what’s there now. We need HR 1780!!

  13. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. We need forward thinking, practical ideas to help reduce the growing cost of healthcare and improve the ability for Americans to stay home while they age. This bill provides the opportunity to do both. By 2030, an estimated 20% of the population will be over the age of 65 and that number will only continue to grow. Americans want to remain in their homes as the age. They do not want to be institutionalized. However, a very small percentage of the housing in the US is able to meet the needs of an aging population. I think that this bill will help change that. It will create opportunities for those who choose to invest in their future, by investing in their homes. The investment in modifications that prevent falls, and allow people to remain at home will result in huge cost savings for our country in the future, and improve quality of life as Americans age. This is a shining piece of legislation and it just makes sense. I am all for it!

  14. We all know that the senior demographic is going to explode in numbers across the country in the next few years. Ten thousand people turn 65 each day. Our national housing stock is not prepared for the changing demographic and modifications to their homes are not affordable. Tax incentive bill HR 1780 will help alleviate the cost for home modifications and will provide far reaching individual, societal and financial gains across diverse domains. This is desperately needed before it is too late!

  15. As a chaplain within a lifecare community and a person who has devoted much of my career to life planning throughout the stages as a tax lawyer and editor and now an ordained priest/chaplain, I see this as an important step. I served small parishes in less affluent areas where the 60+ age group struggled to make ends meet and had houses with many steps and upstairs baths that made their lives difficult. People falling and being found hours and days later, boomeranging through nursing care because of the inability to make their homes liveable and safe. This is a growing need for all persons to be able to age in community. Thank you!

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