Finding Passion in Las Vegas

I just got back from the International Builders Show (IBS) and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. 60,000 people attend this show! You cannot see every booth. Even with smart phones, just meeting up with friends and colleagues is a trick. I walked over 20 miles in 2 ½ days.

I came away more inspired than I expected.  Was it the incredible products that inspired me? There are lots of head turners but, no, that was not it.

It was the passion of the people with whom I spoke.  There are so many contractors and designers dedicated to updating homes for older citizens. There are five home modification training programs that I know of: CAPS, CEAC, CLIPP, NARI, USC. (see links below) I met with folks from four of the five at the show. Each has a different approach, but the results are the same: Every student comes away passionate about the role they can play and the good they can do with their tools and expertise.

I asked repeatedly if the market was meeting expectations. Everyone agrees it is not. Yet they remain dedicated. All of those with whom I spoke would like this part of their business to grow, but none will compromise their passion just because the market has not developed. That is inspiring.

I can’t fault them. I was one of the first design/build contractors to dedicate my firm, Access Remodeling, to aging in place back in the early 90’s. I am still frustrated that such a good idea does not get the market traction it should. But I am not quitting either.

Passion can blind you to what the the uninitiated hear when you speak.  We are so excited, we are so sure, we know they will get it if they just listen. But some of us have been saying it for 25 years or more. We passionate messengers are not being heard. Worse, we are probably dismissed because our ideas are at variance to what they know–  that there’s nothing they can do to control the aging process.

Another industry pointed to a different message. Solar installations, also languishing with less than expected market results, took off like a rocket once financial incentives were introduced. See the graph below. (ITC=Solar Investment Tax Credit)

YOU need HomesRenewed to build the market for updated homes by:

  • advocating on Capitol Hill,preparing support letters and petitions for grass roots advocacy with local legislatures
  • building coalitions with the building industry, Long term Care Insurance, Home Care and others
  • getting the word out in the news, social media and industry publications
  • preparing an app to find the right products and an easy mechanism to certify projects for incenitves

Please JOIN HomesRenewed Coalition

HomesRenewed needs YOU to help us;

  • educate the electorate and the elected.
  • publish convincing research on the business case for updating homes
  • hire staff and consultants, pay for conferences and materials and run the office.

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“People don’t do the right thing because it’s the right thing. People do the right thing because it’s the right price!” 

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