HomesRenewed Strategy in Sync with Harvard Report

The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies most recent report warns of the impending crisis when baby-boomers reach their 80’s in homes that are not designed to meet their needs.

“State and local governments, as well as the private and nonprofit sectors, all have roles to play in developing more affordable and suitable housing for older households. Families and individuals also have a responsibility to plan for the future and to advocate for more age-friendly housing and communities. But given the current and growing scale of need, addressing the challenges of housing America’s older adults must also be a federal priority.”(Housing America’s Older Adults, 2018)

Critical problems require bold strategies. HomesRenewed has a BOLD, multi-pronged strategy to educate consumers and policymakers about how updating homes will avoid the crisis. The HomesRenewed Resource Center research agenda includes:

  1. State and local governments have homes update, accessory dwelling unit (ADU), and home sharing initiatives. By identifying, evaluating, and monitoring these programs HomesRenewed Resource Center intends to build a better toolkit to boost grass roots activism.
  2. Our proposed while paper, Aging in Place 3.0: Affordable Aging, The Business Case, will explore how financial incentives will motivate consumers to update their homes thereby reducing medical costs and the economic benefits of reduced medical costs on the larger economy and business sectors serving older adults.

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