So What IS Aging in Place??

Aging in place is a housing and healthcare option that integrates design, equipment and services to provide the opportunity and ability to safely remain in the home of your choice even as your health and mobility changes. Aging in place works best when people proactively prepare their home environments before accidents or injuries occur. These preparations can range from simple modifications, such as installation of grab bars, to more complex modifications, such as widening hallways, installing elevators, or altering cabinet heights. Aging in place relies on a comprehensive and dynamic management system to use human, financial, and medical resources efficiently.

Ok, so WHY aging in place? Aging in place is not for everyone, but it can preserve housing stock, foster community continuity, and strengthen families. More importantly, aging in place empowers older citizens with choice, control, dignity and independence – the essentials of happier homes and a better quality of life. By 2030, almost 20% of our population will be over 65. The cost of healthcare for this group is rising out of control. An accessible and safe home can reduce falls (and their associated hospitalization and rehabilitation costs) and lead to greater independence, dignity and improved quality of life.

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