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I remember my mom asking when she would go home from the nursing home. We did not have the courage to tell her what we all knew. She died there.

Times have changed. Mom could have gotten the care she needed if her home had been updated and the services and technology we have today had been available. Those changes make NOW the time for home updates.

We all have a story. We have all had an encounter with the difficulty of aging in the home we love as health changes- either our own, our parents’, or a friends’.

Thank you so much for your past support of HomesRenewed. You care about the people you serve. We serve by working to increase the number of homes that are safe for caregivers and for older Americans to age-in-place.

HomesRenewed is leading the drive for more grab bars, safer showers and easier entries. Home updates are the 21st century solution to the problem of aging affordably and with dignity in the home of your choice.

Beth was caring for her husband Mel with a progressive neurological condition.

Remodeling their home with a no-step entry, accessible bedroom and bath and an open floor plan, Mel and Beth were able to live safely and comfortably in their home together for the last five years of his life.

 HomesRenewed is a proven leader.

Senate Aging Commitee Chair Collins (R-Me) and Ranking member Casey (D-Pa) Senate Aging Committee Chair Collins (R-Me) and Ranking Member Casey (D-Pa)

In the past year we have provided memos to senators, committees and agencies. We have presented and exhibited at conferences and consumer gatherings.

But we need your help to do more. We need funding for two research projects that will quantify and publicize the benefits of home updates and map our advocacy strategy.

Your support matters and helps us motivate even more people like Beth and Mel.

Will you continue to (consider) supporting our work?

Please make your tax deductible contribution to HomesRenewed Resource Center’s work. Your donation will make a difference in the drive for more updated homes and better community for all.


Louis Tenenbaum, CEO and Founder of HomesRenewed

Susan Kimmel, COO and Vice-President


PS Your donation will go directy to our work.

  • $50 supports social media
  • $100 supports education and outreach
  • $500 supports research and publications
  • $1000 supports the Aging in Place 3.0 white paper
  • $2500 supports our legislative strategy

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